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The multifaceted phenomenon of consciousness and its roots

The puzzling and curious topic of consciousness involves wide elements of sensations, emotions, desires, and thoughts. Read more to know the wondrous subject of consciousness and its dynamics.

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Exercising to lose weight is not as promising as it seems

Vox debunks the age-old theory of how exercising daily can reduce weight. Read more to know all-inclusive guidance which exposes the myth behind working out.

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Why the US has a more pricey medical healthcare system than Europe

A writer ranges over the US’s most disputed topic of expensive medical insurances and compares it with European countries’ health insurance pattern which is more rightly government regulated and has toned down ‘surprise medical bills’. Read more to understand the aspects of how a European medical system works.

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Shakespeare and the nuanced scientific elements behind the literature

Stephen Booth who teaches Shakespeare to Berkeley undergraduates explores the physics behind Shakespeare verses, poetic languages expressing cognitive linguistics, etc. Read more to enlighten yourself about the science behind Shakespearism.

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People swallow 8 spiders a year while they sleep, true or false?

The peculiar information of people swallowing 8 spiders while they sleep has been quashed. The fictional tale has been busted stating 8 different reasons. Read more to know in detail.

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How the state of Hawaii fares in switching to renewable energies

The state of Hawaii is taking orderly measures of dwelling on renewable energies as a strategic measure of running on 100% renewable power soon. Read more to know how the state focuses on adopting green energies.

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Mark Zuckerberg and his long-discarded notebook which gave birth to Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg from the very early days of developing and brainstorming about Facebook used to document his ideas in a small notebook. Read more about how Mark turned a notebook idea into a world-famous social media networking site.

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Kashmir and its digital dead zone has restructured definition of freedom under a new rule

Kashmir has always been debilitating under dire political, economical and social restraints being a border war-torn state. But revocation of Article 370 in 2019 snatched its autonomous privilege and took away the state’s internet access entirely causing huge uproar and rising military attacks street after street. Read more to know how the new law shaped situations in Kashmir.

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The qualities of a true leader and how to manifest it to inspire people

True leadership is more than just being dominant and having keen extrovert traits. It is also about taking ownership and setting the right example. Read more to know different qualities that define fine leadership.

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The aftermath of Covid-19 impacts our behavior drastically

Covid-19 has not only hampered economy and bred health issues worldwide but as Bloomberg explores it has also impacted rising unemployment, growth, consumer consumption, etc. Read more to know the larger impact of coronavirus in major countries.

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100 million Americans have chronic pain. Very few use one of the best tools to treat it

About 100 million Americans who suffer from chronic pain are actually dealing with psychological distress. Read more to know how different methods of psychological ailments can cure chronic pain.

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A poem by W.B Yeats astounds people with its metaphors, closely resonating with the present-day scenario

A century-old poem “The Second is Coming” written by Y.B Yeats echoes the current tense pandemic situation that has ruptured normalcy. Read more to understand the poem’s metaphors and its meaning.

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Clean energy’s limitations question its usage and reliability

Switching from harmful non-renewable resources to clean energies also comes with its own limitations. Read more to understand how switching to solar, wind, and such sources unveils their restraints and efficiency.

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Would you oppose an oppressive regime?

This article explores why people usually dont rebel against oppressive regimes

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A pleasant morning routine that prepares you for the day ahead

The perfect morning routine that can kick off your entire day’s schedule is more convenient and delivers outstanding results. Read more to know in detail about helpful routines.

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A man’s experience after spending a week in Iceland’s prison

From unlocked doors, free internet to rooms with beautiful views, read more about a professor’s experience in an Icelandic prison.

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Multi-billionaire diamond mogul deceits banks and businessmen

Nirav Modi, one of India’s biggest diamond baron who committed a $2 billion bank fraud is on the run. Read more to know about his worldwide trickery.

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