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Our Mission

To circle back to the heart of true journalism by reporting news pragmatically – without bias or subjectivity - and simplifying the details as much as possible so that our readers can get the facts quickly, concisely and conveniently.

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Our daily doses of information shots will empower you to explore & discover interests, improving your sense of connectedness with the world everyday!

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    Get the latest, most important news, and exclusive world updates by the time you finish your last sip of coffee!

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    We don’t take sides, nor do we show opinions. You make your own views!

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Take a look at today's shots to understand how we curate and present unbiased news

Our Vision

To redefine journalism from the factual and objective standpoint.

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  • Our goal is to deliver top news of the day, exclusively hand-picked by our editors.

  • Short and crisp well-curated news events that helps you avoid information overload.

  • From Business, Lifestyle, to Automobiles, Sports and the Pandemic, we will help you stay informed about the topics you want to read about and get quick news updates from the US and the world.

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Take a look at today's shots to understand how we curate and present unbiased news

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Shots of news indeed!

Been using this app for couple of weeks and enjoying it. Current events at your finger tips, aptly and concisely framed! Shots of news indeed!

Sidhant Sontakke
New York


An awesome app with no clickbait/sensational content

Keshaun Walter
San Francisco

Nice app!

Great app for brushing yourself up with daily happenings. The summaries are clear enough to describe a scenario. Also, it helps to go through a lots of news in just a couple of minutes.

Delphine Green